Kasumi Abe is a New York-based Japanese journalist, author, columnist and photographer of Yahoo! Japan NewsNewsweekCROSS FM  and my book. 20+ years of experience in the field of magazine editorial in Japan and the U.S. 

After graduation from university, my career started as a staff editor on the music contents at a publishing company in Japan. My role was interviewing distinguished musicians day by day. Later on, I was offered an editor-in-chief position for the guidebooks. After the 6 years of challenging and full-filled mission completed, I moved to N.Y. in 2002 to pursue my dream. I accepted the position of a senior editor of the local newspaper and engaged and obligated myself for 7 years. Everything got ready, then – I took a chance to become an independent journalist with extensive experience.

Even though my journey still goes on and I don’t even know where my destiny is heading, but I never doubt 2018 was my special year in my life. As an author and photographer, proudly I published  Tabi no Hint Book BROOKLYN which is one of my long life dreams come true! -it has gotten 5 stars on Amazon 🙂

安部かすみ:ニューヨークを拠点とする文筆家、写真家、 Yahoo! Japan News  Newsweek のコラムニスト、 CROSS FM レポーター。日米で20年以上の経験を持つ雑誌編集者

90年代 大学卒業後に就職した出版社で経験を積む。編集者4年(メジャーミュージシャン・インタビュアー)、ムック編集長2年

2002 留学生として渡米

2007 – 2014 NY日系新聞社に就職。シニアエディター7年(広告営業も経験)

2014 – 2016 退職後、IT企業での常勤専任ライター(1.5年)

2016 独立

2018 初の著書 NYのクリエイティブ地区ブルックリンへ(旅のヒントBOOK) 出版

Professional Affiliation

I’m a member of major professional journalistic organizations including:

New York Foreign Press Center

Global Press


米政府機関 New York Foreign Press Center

在外ジャーナリスト協会 Global Press

My focus

New York’s news, cultural activities, along with gourmet, lifestyle and travel news for periodicals, radio broadcasting and news websites.


人のインタビュー カルチャー ライフスタイル&働き方 街ネタ 食 トレンド 社会問題 テック&スタートアップ。「現地の空気感」を伝えるのを好む

What I Like

Exploring the city to find nice cheap eats. Love Jazz, salsa, chilling at the beach (dreaming of Varadero), snowboarding, learning new languages (to become a polyglot is my next challenge), traveling, cheering up the soccer teams over a local pale ale or pilsner and meet interesting people;)

屋外で風と太陽に当たりながらB級グルメ ピルスナーとスポーツ観戦 カリブのビーチ ラテン文化とサルサ スノボ 未知なる言語習得 スペイン語 旅 大き過ぎないプレッシャーをかけながらの新たな挑戦を好む





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Photo credit

Portrait by Kazuhiro Ueda

Interview image by Albert Cheung

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